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Haddock Restraining Order – Joe Messina – Hart District (Part 1 of 3)

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In 2016, Donte Acosta, Santa Clarita City Councilperson, vacated his position on the city council as he moved up to the California State Assembly. Rather than holding an election, the city asked the public to apply for the vacant position. Local Santa Clarita business person, Sean Weber, applied for the position, along with 30+ other candidates.

During the appointment process, Weber received substantial support. Being that Weber was not part of the local establishment, the Democrats and Republicans; both sides, began to attack him. Most of what went on is to be expected during any type of political process. What went on after the appointment process was over, in January 2017, is unacceptable and must be brought to light. When the local establishment realized Weber had a large following, this group did everything they could to destroy his reputation. 

On September 26, 2019, former Santa Clarita City Council candidate Sean Weber had his two-year civil harassment restraining order renewed against Brett Haddock, meaning the order is in effect for at least another two years (2021).

The State Court of Appeal recently ruled 3-0 that Haddock “has been engaging in a course of conduct, harassment and stalking by posting, sending, delivering harassing and derogatory electronic messages to (Weber) and his family and friends, in public and private forums who have asked him to stop to no avail.”

Unanimous California Court of Appeals Decision in favor of Weber: Weber v. Haddock

Independent article about decision: Restraining Order Against Candidate Was Properly Based on Conduct, Not Protected Speech

Weber said that Haddock continues to violate the terms of the restraining order. Weber also said, “Haddock has not paid $1 to date towards the $25k that has already been awarded.” Weber considers the matter resolved and just wants to move on. He said he has no immediate plans to seek civil damages as long as Haddock can abide by the terms of the restraining order.

Weber initially filed for a restraining order for himself, his mother, step-father, and brother on May 9, 2017, according to court documents. In the original complaint, Weber sought protection because he feared Haddock was going to try and “kill my family” because online posts show Haddock becoming more obsessive, talking about going on a “murderous rampage” and that Weber is Haddock’s “target.”

Orchestrated Hit Uncovered

According to documents uncovered in a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) type request through the Hart School District, the behavior towards Weber appears to have been orchestrated by Joe Messina (not the former coach), the then President of the William S. Hart School Board.Documents show Messina directing a Hart District employee, Jon Carrino, to provide information on Mr. Weber so that he could “blast” his political rival.

Haddock Goes Too Far

Haddock apparently used that information, along with Mr. Weber’s car license plate, his parent’s home address, and their phone number, to create defamatory posts to be shared on social media against his political rival.

Presiding Judge Bigelow of Division Eight for the California Court of Appeals wrote, “Perhaps most disturbing,” she said, “Haddock posted a photograph of what appeared to be Weber’s license plate.”

Messina Goes Further

Former Hart School Board President Messina then shares Haddock’s post. Mainly via the local, Conservative Action Group. A group Messina was an admin of, and other social media sites.

“Trolls” Create Even More Drama

Weber went on and said that the group, there’s about 20 of them; Steve Petzold, Nathan Imhoff, Mike Devlin, Britney Kurfust, Nathan Bousfield, Scott Ervin, Stephen Daniels, Logan Smith, Kevin Korenthal … Both sides have their online trolls. Petzold and Imhoff both openly contributed to Haddock’s pervasive behavior the most. “They try to silence everyone. Regular people don’t know who these people are and their goal to establish a narrative.” 

According to court records, Steve Petzold and Nathan Imhoff did, in fact, have civil harassment restraining orders brought against them by others. 

Logan Smith’s girlfriend writes about “emotional abuse, deception, betrayal, manipulation, etc.” She goes on to write, “You should not use someone else’s mental health as a weapon or a shield to hide your own issues and manipulate people.”

Coercion to Dissuade – Restraining Orders

In messages obtained, it looks like Britney Kurfust and Stephen Daniels both attempt to coerce Weber. Kurfust demanded Weber stop supporting a candidate for school board or she would continue to share Haddock’s posts.

Stephen Daniels, from the Talk of Santa Clarita, offered to remove defamatory podcasts Haddock and Daniels made regarding Weber, and to instruct Haddock to delete blog posts written about Weber, in exchange for Weber dropping the restraining order against Haddock. 

According to messages obtained, Stacy Fortner wrote, “We had cameras installed at my house because of Nate. He [Nathan Imhoff] is the media outlet for nearly every republican elected official.” Court records show William Reynolds, a local Republican donor, was granted a restraining order against Imhoff. 

Messina Deceives Weber Over Breakfast

What is even more disturbing, is that Messina met Weber for breakfast, asked Weber to take down posts proving that Weber met with school officials, only to then direct Hart District employees to create a hit piece on him stating that he never met with anyone and that it was a “cold sales pitch.”

Documents obtained from the FOIA request indicate otherwise. They show Weber working with the Hart School District for nearly a year on creating and preparing for active shooter/active threat programs.

According to Hart School Board minutes, there is no mention of Messina working with the Hart Superintendent, nor having the authority to make that type of request to a school district employee. 

Messina initially writes to Hunter and Carrino, “Do schools meet independently of the District for active shooter scenarios? They are making it look and sound like we were and are behind on our security issues.”

Sheets Disappeared – No Notes Were Taken

In documents obtained, the Superintendent’s Office stated that the Hart District kept no sign-in sheets and no notes from the January and June meetings with Weber regarding active shooter preparedness. Weber was originally contacted by a Valencia High School teacher complaining that the school is not prepared for any type of real threat.

According to the teacher, intercom speakers weren’t even working at the time. Weber states that there was a room full of people; he had four himself. One, a first responder, said, “the District is lying.” 

“LET IT DIE” – Says Employees of the District Regarding Active Threat Preparedness Proposal in 2016

What we found alarming was that same employee at the Hart District wrote in 2016, “Do you still want this data or is this something we are going to let die.” to his boss, Kathy Hunter.

Hunter’s response is also alarming. “Once we review the proposal, we can let it die if it isn’t going to serve our purposes.” This was about Weber’s request for data regarding an active shooter program proposal for the District. There is no record of the data ever being delivered to Weber. 

Using Alternate Email Account for Official Business

More questions arise, such as, how often Messina is using his other business email, for School Board business.

School Threat Prevented

During Joe Messina’s recent 2018 campaign for School Board, he referenced WeTip for attributing to the prevention of a major incident, that he could not talk about, and being used throughout the local schools.

U.S. House of Representatives Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition

In 2017, Weber received a U.S. House of Representatives Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition. It was in honor his recognition at the Annual WeTip National Crime Fighting Conference, as the 2017 President’s Award recipient. 

Campaign Contributor and Castaic High School

Weber said that they want a Manchurian candidate who they can pass through oversight committees and will rubber-stamp whatever they want. “Look at who they appointed to the committees. Who put him there? That defeats the whole purpose of oversight. Look at who is pulling these strings. Same.” 

In looking more into Messina, documents uncover his campaign contributors. It appears that he awarded no-bid contracts for the land and development of the new Castaic High School to his major campaign contributors. In this three part series, we will uncover more details on that topic. 

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