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Local Conservative Action Group Creates Distance From Messina – UPDATED

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The local “Conservative Action Group” which is filed as a “527 Independent expenditure” PAC, appears to be distancing themselves from Hart School Board official, Joe Messina.

Messina has been embroiled in a controversy after some impropriety, at the least, was recently uncovered. Messina directed a Hart District employee to help “blast” a political rival. The Hart District employee, Jon Carrino, assisted in what would be later used as a hit piece against Messina’s rival. 

NOT an Admin Claims the Conservative Action Group

John Dempsey, an Admin to the group wrote, “All we have asked is that you correct information regarding Joe Messina and his association with this organization.” 

Matthew Funicello, who claims to be the clubs President and Founder of the Conservative Action Group, Inc., stated, “regarding your recent article regarding the [Brett] Haddock restraining order situation. The information in your article regarding Conservative Action Group, Inc and Joe Messina’s role is factually inaccurate. 

Funincello went on to write, “While Mr. Messina is a moderator, not an admin for the Conservative Action Group Facebook Page,” and Mr. Messina is not affiliated with Conservative Action Group, Inc in any official capacity, other than a contributor to the group. He is not a member of the Board, nor is he an advisor.”

The Conservative Action Group then wrote similar messages and comments. Why is this important? 

Federal Elections Commission

According to the Federal Elections Commission, “An independent expenditure is an expenditure for a communication, such as a website, newspaper, TV or direct mail advertisement that: Expressly advocates the election or defeat of a clearly identified candidate; and Is not made in consultation or cooperation with, or at the request or suggestion of a candidate, candidate’s committee, party committee or their agents.”

Joe Messina Admin or NOT

The group has asked for a redaction, stating that Messina is not an Admin, though the screenshot below clearly shows Messina was the Admin of the Conservative Action Group at the time of their posting. Was this a violation? You decide.  


Joe Messina Removed as Admin of Group 

The Conservative Action Group has since removed Messina as an admin. SCV Press received messages from different people claiming to be the Conservative Action Group. Each one of the messages renounced their affiliation with Messina.


A corporation, under the same name, has Matt Denny listed as their registered Agent for Service of Process. 

The group’s listed domain is registered to a Dave Goss of Patriotic Investments. Goss has claimed to be the Conservative Action Group’s vice-president.

What we found concerning is the Sharlene Duzick, Leon Worden, Matthew B. Denny and David Goss are all on the oversight committee for the $300 million SA bond measure.

Goss is part of the Conservative Action Group. Denny being the registered Agent for Service of Process and CPA. According to Denny, he said that he is NOT a member of the organization. Goss being the vice-president of the group. Providing independent oversight for their Admin? A $300 Million Dollar Bond measure. As we uncovered in earlier articles, the awarding of no-bid contracts for the $300 million bond, the money went to Messina’s primary campaign contributor. 

Article: Conflict of Interest? Corruption? Campaign Contributors, Hart Board

Goss also claims to be the President of Patriotic Investments on the oversight committee site. The Patriotic Investments website is defunct; it is unclear as to what exactly the company does. 


What is the purpose of oversight? What is oversight? What exactly is the Conservative Action Group?

Is this what homeowners in the Santa Clarita Valley are paying for? As we uncovered impropriety, there are more questions than answers. 


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