Sun. Dec 15th, 2019

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LAWSUIT: Hart School District, Board Official Responsible Says Lawyer

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Saugus High School

The School District failed in its duty according to an attorney who represents the victims of shootings. “One could understand if this was an isolated event, but this is not the first school shooting.” He continues, “The School Board should have put the children and their safety first. They failed in their duty; the buck literally stops with them. Why wasn’t prevention their priority?

Link for Saugus Shooting Victims Registration:

According to the site: “Parents of Saugus High School students, teachers, staff and all other victims are encouraged to register immediately. Victims deserve and are entitled to compensation.” and, We must force change that should have already taken place for the prevention of school shootings. We are investigating all possible causes of action against multiple defendants.”

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Another Attorney, for the owner of Borderline (Thousand Oaks) and Route 91 (Las Vegas) Shooting Victims

Slaten wrote, “I represent over 150 of the Route 91 (Las Vegas) shooting victims. I also represent the owner of Borderline (Thousand Oaks) where there was a mass shooting. Over a year ago, a company (I am a partner of) went to Hart School Board (where today’s shooting is located) and presented an active shooter preparedness plan. They took no action. We obtained via a FOIA request internal school board emails where they said “let it die” with regards to our proposal.” 


Santa Clarita Valley Parent Group: Protect the Kids Movement

The Protect the Kids Movement Facebook Page states, “We have to be realistic and understand that there is nothing that will completely eliminate the possibility of a school shooter. But there are several things we can do to greatly reduce the chances.”

Link to Article: Protect the Kids Movement: Parents Take Proactive Action on Active Shooter Preparedness

Growing Online Petition Reaches 17,324 Signatures Demanding: More Deputies On Hand At Hart District Schools, As Well As Mental Health Resources

The page reads, “As most of us know, today, November 14, 2019, before school started, Saugus High School of the William S. Hart Union School district experienced a tragic shooting, which has left two students dead and others injured. As a community, Santa Clarita should come together to mourn the lives lost in this tragedy, and the countless others that have been affected. We should also come together to create change, to prevent such a tragic event from ever happening again. With this petition, hopefully a step can be taken to help prevent another such shooting.” 

Link to Petition: Petition