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PAY RAISE: Santa Clarita City Council Votes to Give Themselves a Pay Raise

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Santa Clarita City Council

The elected members of the Santa Clarita City Council voted to give themselves a pay raise.  

A Local Resident Speaks Up

Santa Clarita local resident and actress, Elaine Ballace, states in part,“when they run for office, isn’t that part of what they’re running for?” and that she didn’t hear anything about health benefits.

Ballace also accuses Councilmember Cameron Smyth, “breaking the law every day,” regarding not having a front license plate and the [Santa Clarita] “Sheriff’s Department doesn’t do anything about it. So that’s good.” Ballace pauses and says, “Entitlement!” 

The City Manager, who is appointed by the City Council, then advocates for why they deserve such an increase.

Miranda Motions for 20% Pay Increase

Councilmember Miranda was initially appointed to the Santa Clarita City Council at the behest of local State Senator, Scott Wilk. Miranda was subsequently elected to Santa Clarita City Council, in 2018, as an incumbent. 

Councilmember Miranda, not knowing how the process works, asks for clarification from the City Attorney. Miranda then states, in part, “If I am going to give up so many hours of my time, I need to have some compensation, some reasonable compensation, to sustain me financially.

Bill Miranda goes on with a misleading statement stating, that to try and get young people on the Council and pay them the same amount, “they won’t do it.” Miranda went on, “For all the amount of time and energy you have to put into this job, they are not gonna do it.

During the hearing, Miranda went on to say that, “that’s less than minimum wage for the amount of hours we put in.” and suggested the maximum of 20 percent as their increase.

Miranda then attacks local resident for speaking up about the pay increase as, “strange for me.”

During the City Council hearing, Councilmember Weste stated that she would be comfortable with a 10 percent increase. Miranda then makes the motion for a 20 percent increase, and Mayor McLean seconds the motion. The City Council voted, and the motion fails to get enough votes.

Mayor McLean Seconds Miranda’s Demand For More Money

Councilmember McLean, who is the appointed Mayor by the Council, said, in disgust, “I’m not rich. I’m not making money off of this. For sure!” and we don’t get the money ourselves. AND, it’s for the next council.”

Mayor McLean then goes on to accuse Councilmember Cameron Smyth of playing politics. She professes, “I know you’re running, and that’s one reason why you say no.” As Smyth begins to interrupt, she continued, “speaking the truth!”

Council Member Smyth Hits Back at the Mayor

Smyth then said, Okay, that’s funny. First of all, I don’t appreciate you putting motives to, for reason of my vote.” Smyth then accuses the Mayor and some of the other council members as not being honest and truthful, firing back, “if you want to speak truth, then speak truth, that you will be on the council in 2021 and will be the recipient of any pay raise.”

Mayor McLean then backtracks on her previous statements and states, “I didn’t say I wouldn’t.” Smyth continues, “to say it’s not for the City Council; you will be on the Council in 2021.”

McLean says in disgust, “I didn’t say…,” then stopped herself and continued to backtrack on her previous statements.

10% Raise Motion Passed

Councilmember Weste then makes the motion for a 10 percent increase, and Mayor McLean seconds the motion. The Santa Clarita City Council then votes and passed the motion.

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