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Santa Clarita City Council Commission Appointments

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SCV Joe Messina

Roosevelt once said, “To dissolve the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task.”

There are many different forms of political corruption which include: 

  1. Patronage is appointing supporters and campaign contributors to government positions. One of the critical elements is selecting for loyalty rather than ability.
  2. Favoring relatives of an official is a form of illegitimate private gain called nepotism
  3. When personal friends are favored, it is called cronyism.
  4. Embezzlement is the theft of entrusted funds. 
  5. Kickbacks involve corrupt bidding.

Very Important Positions

Government positions are supposed to provide independent oversight and roles.  Hence, checks and balances. The Santa Clarita City Council appoints our City Commissioners. Key appointments are going to relatives and associates of elected officials. In return, they are awarding no-bid contracts to campaign contributors and those that sit on their oversight committees. 

Recent Article Regarding SCVTV:

SCVTV – 1.2 Million Dollar Contract Awarded – Competitive Bidding Process Circumvented

Conflict of Interest? Corruption? Campaign Contributors, Hart Board

Current appointments include Patti Rasmussen, Vanessa Wilk, and Susan Shapiro. Rasmussen is a relative of local developer Larry Rasmussen. Wilk is the wife of our State Senator, Sen. Wilk. Shapiro has been managing SCVTV for years. 

City Council Appointment

It is noted, Sen. Wilk contacted the Santa Clarita City Council personally for Bill Miranda to be appointed to the vacant position. Miranda was then recently elected as an incumbent.

“Wilk’s fingerprints were all over the shoddy selection process displayed by City Council members in January. They turned their backs on the public and chose Wilk-ordained Bill Miranda for the City Council seat vacated by Assemblyman Dante Acosta.”
reported, the Signal. “In an unnecessarily rushed process that shut out even a citizens committee of advisers from making recommendations, the four council members effectively bypassed most of the 49 interested applicants with interviews of no more than three minutes each.” it continued.  

Kevin Korenthal unsuccessfully ran for Water Board, supported by local developer Larry Rasmussen and City Councilman Bob Kellar. After losing the election, he was appointed to the Parks and Recreation Commission. Korenthal recently resigned and has left the state. 

Link here: City of Santa Clarita Arts Commission

Miranda Continues to Return the Favor

According to the Signal:

“More recently Miranda, having learned his lesson well, named Wilk-endorsed Victor Lindenheim to a seat on the city’s Parks, Recreation and Community Services Commission. One commission position is appointed by the five council members.

Miranda called Lindenheim and personally urged him to apply, although the longtime director of the Golden State Gateway Coalition and expert in transportation said he never considered the job before he received Miranda’s call.

Meanwhile, nine other people submitted applications for the commission position. At least one, a four-year resident of Newhall who responded to a city ad on Facebook, tried to contact Miranda several times and was finally told her application had been received and she would be called if Miranda wanted more information.

The call never came.”

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