Mon. Mar 8th, 2021

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Santa Clarita: Under Construction! More Traffic

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With Santa Clarita already experiencing grid-lock, construction on the 5 freeway is officially underway. Santa Clarita Valley (SCV) residents should be prepared for more traffic.


The construction covers a distance of 15.8 miles in northern Los Angeles County in and by Santa Clarita. It starts from 0.5 miles south of Interstate 5 / State Route 14 separation to 1.7 miles north of the I-5 Lake Hughes Road under-crossing.

To begin, the split lanes on the southbound side will be replaced with temporary lanes. The changes will start Monday night on October 16th. Caltrans will be painting new lanes on Interstate 5 until the summer of 2019. 

However, “Caltrans plans to keep at least two freeway lanes open for traffic in the construction zone, except between midnight and 4 a.m. when at least one lane will be kept open for traffic,” as stated on Caltrans District 7 website.

Residents of Santa Clarita need to allow for extra travel time no matter what time of day it is, especially in the area with lower speed limits.

To the 200,000 motorists who ride over these interstates daily, the Mayor of Santa Clarita, Cameron Smyth, suggests, “Exercise patience, it’s going to be a couple years out.”

The next step will be carpool lanes. The construction of these roads is expected to start following the completion of this project in 2019.

What does our Santa Clarita Manager Ken Striplin say about Santa Clarita’s traffic issues?

Stephen Daniels from The Talk of Santa Clarita recently interviewed Striplin and brought up the many concerns Santa Clarita residents have. One of the top concerns for Santa Clarita is traffic. “People say we have a speeding problem. People say we have a traffic problem. I don’t know what the answer is for that.” responds Striplin.

In another interview on SCV 101, Bill Miranda covered traffic with Ken Striplin as well.

“Traffic, traffic. There’s too much traffic. How do we address those issues?” asks Miranda. “Traffic always comes up as an issue. What people don’t realize is we’ve spent tens of millions of dollars on traffic synchronization improvements,” said Striplin.

Bill Miranda dives further into the traffic issues. He states how people don’t realize synchronizing lights is what we currently have in place and is maximizing traffic flow.

If that is true, then the city believes they are already doing everything they can for traffic. In the end, the residents of Santa Clarita need to prepare for traffic for the next few years.


Resident’s of Santa Clarita took to Social Media and expressed their frustrations over traffic.

“The development is out of control, development without infrastructure continues to put the burden on our community while lining the pockets of a certain few. Our current city leaders do not represent the next generation. Lack of accountability is everywhere.” states Justin Hill.

Anthony Gellis,  “That is what comes from years of overdevelopment for profit and not enough planning.” and “the roads have and always been an after thought.” Matt Denny replied, “Lol” … “They should have been developing for a loss.”

Patricia Runyan, “Serenity was over after Mr. Newhall passed away and left the land to his sons.”

Cynthia Perla, “I left at 5:30am from Val Verde arrived at 3rd and Alvarado at 8:35 am.”

Keltie Cole, “It’s far worse than the valley. Bottleneck of doom.”

Gemma Rae, “It already is turning into the North San Fernando Valley. Just wait until they start building on Sand Canyon. It shouldn’t take me 45 minutes to drive 6 miles” and “I work 9 miles away from home, and it can take me up to an hr to get to work some days.”

Shirley Hernandez, “We do not have the roads to support our existing traffic, and they want to keep building.”

Justin Hill, “Yep only gonna get worse.” 

Bartie Stromberg, “If there’s another major fire. Your all screwed. All because of greed!”


Traffic for the Foreseeable Future

In any event, the residents of Santa Clarita have already spoken on traffic issues. Traffic is the number 1 topic of concern for area residents. Imagine how their views will change after the new construction plans starts with narrowing of the 5 freeway down until 2019. With the nearby construction starting on the newly approved 21,500-unit Newhall Ranch development and the expanding Chiquita landfill the area will be congested for the foreseeable future.


Author – Lauren Van Sloten, Santa Clarita, CA (SCV Press)