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Saugus High School Shooting

“LET IT DIE” – “Do you still want this data or is this really something we are going to let die?” said Hart District Director of Technology Services about providing required data for an active shooter preparedness plan. 

In 2015, Sean Weber, a local technologist and business owner, was contacted by a Valencia High School teacher. The teacher complained to Weber that the intercoms weren’t working, and the school district was not prepared for any real threat. Weber is a former student to that teacher nearly 20 years before.

Weber met with the teacher at Valencia High School and then was introduced to the Vice-Principal. He met with the Vice-Principal on more than once occasion to discover the needs and solutions for the District. Specifically, where they fall short.

In early 2016, Weber met with the District to provide suggestions and insight on how they better use the technology that they already have, such as communication systems with parents. 

After that meeting, the leader in the industry was contacted, the company responsible for protecting the 1% around the globe. They are responsible for the safe room that currently protects the Security General of the United Nations. 

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At the time, the District directed employee, Jon Carrino, to provide necessary data required for an active shooter preparedness plan. The employee choose to, “let it die,” rather than providing the data. 

Important to note, all work provided to date, was pro bono; without payment. 

Re: Saugus School Shooting from Attorney Troy Slaten, Esq.

“I represent over 150 of the Route 91 (Las Vegas) shooting victims. I also represent the owner of Borderline (Thousand Oaks) where there was a mass shooting.

Over a year ago, a company (I am a partner of) went to Hart School Board (where today’s shooting is located) and presented an active shooter preparedness plan. They took no action. We obtained via a FOIA request internal school board emails where they said “let it die” with regards to our proposal.”

Hart School District threat already prevented with help from WeTip, a platform and website Sean Weber built. Hart School District and California schools already use WeTip as their anonymous tip program through their JPA.

During Joe Messina’s recent 2018 campaign for School Board, he referenced WeTip for attributing to the prevention of a major incident, that he could not talk about, and being used throughout the local schools.

When you send your child to school, the worst fear is they are harmed.

“Imagine being a parent that felt their child is not safe at school. Imagine a parent being afraid their child would not return home safely. These are real concerns from real parents in our community. Imagine a local developer contributing to the campaigns of local board officials then getting no-bid contracts in return. This happened.” said Jeff Martin, former Candidate for Hart School Board speaking about Joe Messina, Hart School Board Trustee. Messina is the elected official representing District 5, which includes Saugus High School. The location of the shooting today.  

Now you’re the parent, and there’s an active shooting threat at your child’s school. You have no idea what is going on, the roads are blocked off, and they will not let anyone through. You see helicopters and the first responders are zooming by as fast as they can to make a second matter.

The School District, School Board, and other people that have a responsibility to protect your child. They did not take the time to take preventative measures. Not enough money? That same School Board official gave no-bid contracts for the land and development of Castaic High School to his friend and campaign contributor for DOUBLE the cost of another one of our local school developments. In the hundreds of millions!

See Article: Cost of Castaic High School

Sheets Disappeared – No Notes Were Taken

In documents obtained, the Superintendent’s Office stated that the Hart District kept no sign-in sheets and no notes from the January and June meetings with Weber regarding active shooter preparedness. Weber was originally contacted by a Valencia High School teacher complaining that the school is not prepared for any type of real threat.

According to the teacher, intercom speakers weren’t even working at the time. Weber states that there was a room full of people; he had four himself. One, a first responder, said, “the District is lying.” 



Regarding Active Shooter Preparedness data needed to submit proposal to district. This is Hart School Board employee, Jon Carrino’s, response.

Hart School Board, Student Services Director, Kathy Hunter’s Response:





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