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Protect the Kids Movement: Parents Take Proactive Action on Active Shooter Preparedness

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Local parent Neil Roemer says “enough is enough.” He goes on to say, “the school, telling me my kid is safe, is not enough. They already said that.” Roemer, a local business owner who also runs a non-profit, Greetings with Gratitude, does not feel safe letting his daughters go back to school on Monday until he sees “real action, not just empty promises! It is time for parents to take action to protect our own.”

Roemer, along with Jeff Martin, a former candidate for Hart School Board, started the group. The parent group has over 1,000 members of the community and continues to grow by the hour. Kym De Lorenzo and Danica Lynch are also admins of the group.

The Protect the Kids Movement Facebook Page states, “We have to be realistic and understand that there is nothing that will completely eliminate the possibility of a school shooter. But there are several things we can do to greatly reduce the chances.” 

Link to Facebook Group: Protect The Kids Movement

Protect our Kids-Open Discussion Event Planned

The Protect the Kids Movement has created an event, Protect our Kids-Open Discussion, on Wednesday, November 20, 2019 at 6 PM – 9 PM, at Santa Clarita Studios located: 25135 Anza Dr, Valencia, Santa Clarita, California 91355.

Roemer posts, “Here’s the official invite. Share this with everybody, make sure we share this directly with the school superintendents, school board and other decision-makers. It’s time they explain to us why our kids are not valuable enough to immediately make changes. We will collectively come up with some doable strategies and demand that they are implemented immediately.”

Event link: Protect our Kids-Open Discussion

Mike Needham posts a link sharing the group’s Facebook page, and states, in part, “Great idea to get a forum like this going Neil Roemer. This issue is becoming way to common these days and is a Nationwide issue. To try and start to fix a problem like this at that large of a level seems to be overwhelming and creates tension and arguments when everyone is trying to get to the same outcome. Working on this as a community down to neighborhoods and eventually our own homes and family is where the real change can happen. We need to understand that our kids are growing up in a completely different world than we did.” 

Parents Offer to Donate Time and Materials to Become Proactive

Another parent, Jeff Clericuzio, posts a picture of a metal detector, writes , “Maybe it is time for the William S Hart School District and Saugus School District to be the first to step up to show the rest of the country that we will put our kids first without state or federal funding. $4,000 for each unit plus associated electrical, hardware and installation seems like a drop in the bucket to me. I would gladly donate my time and materials for the electrical to power every unit in this valley. We need to protect our kids and time for the people of Santa Clarita to step up!” Jeff continues, “As a community we need to show the city, the district and our officials that we need to do something now!”

Mike Pizza comments,“Makes sense Jeff, but Saugus is an open Campus, so it would need a lot more than that, but I agree 100%.” Clericuzio responds with, “Mike Pizza that is true but Valencia was an open campus 2 years ago and they secured it, West Ranch is secured. It needs to happen and I bet many local contractors would donate time and materials to make this happen.”

Tony Moore comments, “I’m only a paint and drywall contractor…..but I will help however I can. I have twins that are Freshman there. I would love for them to be the class that creates change.”

Krystal Mora states, “I would gladly donate to buy one. If this what it takes until mental Health is finally addressed properly.”

Saugus Strong Group

Another group, Saugus Strong, “is created for the whole Saugus community to come together, Help each other, and lift each other up, especially in this time of need.” The groups leaders say they are raising money to support the victims through selling clothing and other merchandise. 

Link to Facebook Group: Saugus Strong

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