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SCVTV – 1.2 Million Dollar Contract Awarded – Competitive Bidding Process Circumvented

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The Santa Clarita City Council just awarded SCVTV a $1.2 million contract. Any competitive bids? Nope. 

Competitive bidding is a fundamental facet of contracting public services, yet elected City Council members appear to have circumvented the bidding process to benefit SCVTV. The University of Illinois at Chicago professor Dick Simpson told the Harvard Political Review, “news media is a check and balance that serves to help correct corruption, it plays a large role in the stimulating dialogue.”

Political Favor?

Leon Worden used to represent the local newspaper, The Signal. Worden is now the president and CEO of SCVTV, the 501c3 nonprofit corporation that currently operates the Santa Clarita Valley’s public television channels. SCVTV provides multimedia services to our local education and government agencies. 

City Council Agenda Item Agenda Report

The City staff creates reports at the direction of the City Council. According to the City Council agenda item’s Agenda Report, their recommendation was to circumvent the bidding process. Their reason for this was that the SCPTA Board met and voted to forego the bidding process. 

Santa Clarita Public Television Authority Votes to Forego Bidding Process In Favor of SCVTV

The report stated,  “On February 25, 2019, the SCPTA Board met to discuss the process of finding a long-term solution for public television management in Santa Clarita. At the public meeting, the SCPTA Board voted to forego the RFP process and instead directed City staff to enter negotiations on a new contract with SCVTV.

Conflict of Interest? Worden is the Chief Administrative Officer of the SCPTA

SCV TVWorden is the president and CEO of SCVTV. Worden is also the CAO of the SCPTA. The CAO is responsible for administrative management of private, public, or governmental organizations.

So Worden effectively runs both. 

Conflict of Interest? The SCPTA voted to forego the bidding process to benefit his organization, SCVTV. The Santa Clarita City Council then did just that! $1.22 million approved without any competitive bids. 

Worden is on the $300 Million Oversight Committee

The Measure, SA Citizens’ Oversight Committee, is a group that is supposed to provide independent supervision of the $300 million SA bond. 

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